Tech Deck Fingerboard Skateboard - World Industries Flame Boy Wet Willy

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Real boards. Real graphics. Real stunts. Pull off epic tricks with Tech Deck’s authentic 96mm fingerboards! From nose to tail, Tech Deck fingerboards are engineered to replicate the feel of a real skateboard. Each fingerboard features graphics from the biggest skate companies in the world. Collect boards with iconic designs from Blind, Baker, Primitive, Finesse, Santa Cruz, Plan B, Toy Machine, and more. With so many to collect, you never know which one you’ll get! Find them all and build out a collection worthy of a legit fingerboard fanatic! Each board comes with unique accessories, like decal sheets – ideal for creating a custom board. You could also add a board stand, extra grip tape, trucks, wheels or skate tools to your collection. Just like a pro fingerboarder, use the tool to fix up your board, then hit the rails and perfect your kickflip, ollie and shuvit. For real skate graphics from real skate companies, collect the deck! AUTHENTIC FINGERBOARDS: Tech Deck brings you the real deal with authentic 96mm fingerboards from real skate companies! REAL SKATE GRAPHICS: Tech Deck fingerboards feature graphics from iconic skate companies, like Blind, Baker, Santa Cruz, Toy Machine, and more! You never know which one you’ll get, so collect them all! COOL ACCESSORIES: Each Tech Deck 96mm fingerboard comes with various accessories, like a skate tool, extra trucks, extra wheels, griptape sheet, or stickers. You never know what you’ll add to your collection! Tech Deck 96mm skateboards are for skate-lovers ages 6 and up. Collect them all and become a pro fingerboarder! Includes: 1 Complete Board, Assorted Accessories WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

World Industries Tech Deck Flame Boy Wet Willy Guitar Vintage

Vintage Original TECH DECK World Industries Wet Willy Flameboy

World Industries Solid Gold Flame Boy Deck 8.3 x 32 Black

, Real boards. Real graphics. Real stunts. Pull off epic tricks with Tech Deck’s authentic 96mm fingerboards! From nose to tail, Tech Deck

Tech Deck World Industries Flame Boy Vs Wet Willy Fingerboard


World Industries on Instagram: Repost • @theskatecloset Got a

SPITBOARDS 32 x 96 mm Fingerboard Complete Wood Set-Up Assembled, 5-Layers, Silver Trucks with Bushings and Nuts, Transparent CNC Bearing Wheels, Lasered Foam

Vintage 1990’s Tech Deck Fingerboard World Industries! Flame Boy vs Wet Willy Drawing Board DORK Blue Finger Skateboard RARE Harder to Find PREOWNED

Vtg Tech Deck Fingerboard World Industries Flame Boy vs Wet Willy Drawing Board

Tech Deck 96mm World Industries Rare - Flameboy Wet Willy

Vtg RARE World Industries Tech Deck Lot Of 5 W/ Extras Flame Boy

Tech Deck World Industries 96mm Fingerboard SkateBoard. , Flameboy holding a voodoo doll of wet Willy tied up and burning

Tech Deck World Industries Flame boy Skulls Voodoo Doll Devil Willy SkateBoard

Tech Deck World Industries DEVIL MAN FlameBoy Wet Willy Fingerboard SkateBoard

Vintage World Industries Tech Deck Wet Willy Flameboy Fingerboard

LOT OF 4 Vintage Rare Tech Deck World Industries Fingerboards Wet

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